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Climbing Harness and Gear Set

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Essential gear for safe rock climbing or bouldering.


This is a climbing harness, typically used in rock climbing, mountaineering, and other climbing-related activities. The harness ensures the climber's safety by distributing the force of a fall across the body, especially the waist and thighs. It features adjustable leg loops and a waist belt secured by a buckle. The red loop at the front, often referred to as the belay loop, is a central attachment point for a variety of climbing gear, including ropes and carabiners. The black straps and buckles allow for adjustability and a snug fit to the user's body.


Waist Belt Width: 3 inches.
Leg Loop Width: 3 inches.
Belay Loop Length: 6 inches.
Overall Height (from top of waist belt to bottom of leg loops): 20 inches.
Overall Width (when laid flat): 18 inches.

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